Thursday, November 2, 2017


During the recent hotter than normal summer in British Columbia, there were many evacuation orders for communities and residences across the province due to forest fires. At the peak of the fires, a total of 45,000 people were evacuated leaving many homes and businesses at risk for break-ins and vandalism.

With police resources stretched to maximum in many areas, there was little policing of these homes and businesses to ensure their security from those members of society who take advantage of the misfortunes of others.

There is a simple, cost effective system now on the market for people who, for whatever reason need to protect their homes of businesses when unattended. It is called a home or business security / automation system and is available through a BC company, Tecus.
Tecus Automation / Security protection is very simple to install; a virtual plug and play system requiring no hard wiring. Any home or small business owner who can screw-in a light bulb or plug in an appliance can install most components of the Tecus system. Basic protection includes closed circuit video cameras, motion detectors, an alarm, door sensors and for the more adventuress, a smart door lock. Tecus also includes an “app” for smart phones, either Android or I-Phone that allows the home or business owner to monitor the premises from anywhere where there is WIFI or 3G cellular coverage. The app allows the owner to record video, take photos and hear sound through the camera and to also point the camera remotely. This allows video and photographs to be taken that can provide police with visual images of the intruder. The owner can also talk to the intruder to advise police or security is on the way. The app also notifies the owner of any unusual movement in the premises and/or if a door or window has been opened.

Other add-ons include moisture detectors, smart door locks that permit doors to be opened remotely, drape and curtain motors that permit can create the impression of occupancy, smart appliance and lighting switches, video door security and much more.

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