Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A home is broken into in Canada every 90 seconds.


  1. Get a Smart Home Automation System
  2. A dog can certainly add another level of protection to your home, whether you want one in addition to or in lieu of a security system.
  3. Make it harder for robbers to break into your home at night undetected with strategic lighting.
  4. Because your home is likelier to be broken into when you're away or at night, set indoor lights on a timer to make it look like you're home. this is where a SMART HOME SYSTEM plays an important part.
  5. Whether you have a lock set, dead bolt or security chain, it's even more important to be mindful of who has access to your keys and home. HINT!! Get a SMART DOOR LOCK.
  6. Knowing your neighbors is a cheap form of home security. Well-acquainted neighbors are more likely to call you or the police when they see something fishy.
  7. Almost two-thirds of burglaries involve forced entry, which is partly due to weak door locks and mounting hardware. Don't go cheap in this area.
  8. Windows pose a unique security challenge. All an intruder has to do is break a window, reach inside, and unlock it to gain access. Get a SMART HOME DOOR AND WINDOW SENSOR ON EACH DOOR AND WINDOW.
  9. Window coverings should block onlookers from seeing inside your home. If you have sheer or transparent curtains, just make sure they're paired with another kind of window treatment that protects your privacy. A SMART HOME system can include remote control of your drapes and curtains from your smart phone.
  10. The home garage is a potentially dangerous area. Tools should be secured. It's a good idea to just keep the garage shut and off-limits when possible. Explain to your kids that it's not a play area.

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