Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Tecus has developed the line of home automation products that includes the central “brain” (TecusHUB®), the control centre that operates on a world recognized, standardized technology interface protocol for communication among devices used for home automation. It uses RF for signaling and control. Zwave was developed by Zensys, Inc. a start-up company based in Denmark. Z-Wave is a standard in wireless technology that allows smart devices talk to one another. Household products like lights, door locks and thermostats are made “smart” when Z-Wave connectivity is added inside the product’s design, giving them the capability to communicate and perform the desired functions. Z-Wave operates wirelessly and securely and devices can be easily accessed and controlled on the owner’s smart phone, tablet, laptop computer or any other common usage mobile device.

Z-Wave is a very efficient, low-energy technology. Many Z-Wave devices work on battery power alone, often for a year or more before needing new batteries. Others plug into the wall, and there are even Z-Wave controllable AC outlets, that allow an entire home's electrical system to be 'smart' and energy-efficient by controlling and optionally monitoring energy usage. Z-Wave will not interfere with an existing Wi-Fi network. Z-Wave works on a different frequency, so there will be no interfering with Wi-Fi or other common household device signals. Z-Wave runs on type of network called a "mesh network.” One Z-Wave product will pass the signal along to another (“hop”) until the final destination is reached. Every connected device in a home acts as a messenger; the more devices, the more powerful and strong the network is.

Home automation systems usually include the following components and functions.
Control Centre (The Brain) with a choice of WiFi  or WiFi + 3G, the latter being a mobile communications standard that allows cell phones, computers, and other portable electronic devices to access the Internet wirelessly.
Smart Door Locks.
Door Sensors.
Smoke Detectors.
Siren Alarm.
Motion Sensors.
Water Leak / Dampness Sensor.
Backup Battery Unit
Gas Sensor.
Video Cameras
A Personal Health Alarm Device
Connectivity to local Police and Fire Departments

Tecus system is not hard-wired, therefore it does not require an electrician or technician to install. All components are plugged in and can be installed by a home or business owner with a little bit of technical knowledge and the installation guide. A control application or “app” is downloadable from the company website for smart phones or tablets. The app can be scanned using a QR reader to scan the code on the company website or it can be downloaded onto the mobile device through Google Play Store. The app is free and provides fingertip control of the Tecus home system from anywhere in the world. Incorporated is a 24/7 monitoring system that alerts the homeowner of any incidents that occur when one of the sensors is activated. If an alarm indicates a break-in or a fire, the local police and fire department are also alerted.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Smart Home - Home Automation. What do these terms mean?  Very simply, both mean the same thing; installing devices in your home that allow you to control appliances such as air conditioners, thermostats, drapes, lighting, a smart door lock and closed circuit video-cams, to name a few, from an application on your smart phone.

In other words, you can be vacationing in Hawaii or travelling through Europe with the ability to monitor your home for security reasons along with having control of your drapes, curtains, heating and cooling and many other actions at your fingertips. The TECUS system is available in in either just a WIFI mode or a combination of WIFI and 3G, the latter being cell phone compatible. 

Years ago, when the first home security systems were introduced into the home market, the devices were very limited in scope and hard wired. Today's products are for the most "plug and play" and fully transportable. Therefore, if you sell your home and buy another, your system is easily removed and installed in the new location.

The TECUS system operates through Z-Wave, a universal technology that has become the standard in smart home automation.