Saturday, November 18, 2017


Governments are more and more encouraging seniors to live more independently, therefore staying in their own homes. While this is a good thing for government budgets and lessens the financial load on seniors and their families (retirement care facilities are not cheap), it does increase the risk of an accident or a medical emergency going unnoticed.  

The advent of Smart Home technology helps mitigate many risks involved with a senior couple or senior person living alone. With today's technology and a Smart Phone app, it is easy to set up a system that monitors a senior's movement but also respects privacy therefore the placement of cameras (for example) a's in the home should be be discussed by the family.

The following is a list of products and their use that can be used by a family to keep their seniors members safe.

  • Smart Door Locks: Family members can use a code to enter in an emergency. 
  • Closed Circuit Cameras; One or two strategically placed (kitchen, stairs) can be useful in monitoring high accident areas.
  • Motion Sensors:  Scenarios can be created where if there is not motion at certain times, a warning is issued.
  • Motorized Drape and Curtain Motors: Allows the senior to control these from a smart phone or smart switch.
  • Smart sensors to detect water or gas leaks.
  • SOS button can be worn around a seniors neck. A press of the SOS in an emergency sends a signal to a family members smart phone or that of a care giver. SOS buttons now come with a number of functions such as lighting control and smart lock opener.
  • Smart Mattress: Sends a warning if the seniors falls out of bed or if there is a wetting incident.
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