Friday, July 6, 2018


If you are getting on in years or have an elderly relative, it is good to know those golden years do not have to be spent in any kind of institutional care. Instead, many senior citizens can live quite happily in their own homes, assisted by a smart home automation system that makes life comfortable, convenient and safe. You can find many useful devices and services on our home security systems site.

Smart Locks
These devices present multiple benefits. They rely on a code, rather than a key, so you do not need to worry about a misplaced key or have to dig around in a purse or pocket when returning home. You can also control these locks with a smartphone, which means you can do things like double-check the door locks while safely in bed at night. In addition, many are equipped with an easily grasped and maneuvered lever-style door handle rather than a knob-style opener, which makes it easier for someone with arthritic hands to open and close doors. They also add an elegant flair to any door.

Medical Alert Devices
Falls are a serious matter for older people, and the sooner emergency help arrives, the better. A medical alert pendant worn around the neck or stored on a key fob can be a true lifesaver. If you fall down and are hurt enough to prevent getting up again, simply pressing a button can summon help in short order.

Automated Thermostats & Lights
These handy home management system devices offer exceptional benefits for anyone of any age, but are especially useful for seniors. When coming home at night, you can simply tap your smartphone to turn on extra outside lights to permit safe entry into the house. You can also program the lighting so it appears someone is home when you're gone.

The thermostats in the best home automation systems are great too, since you do not have to get out of bed to adjust the heat in winter or the air conditioning in summer. One easy tap does it all, creating greater security and comfort at the same time, not to mention reducing utility costs by turning off lights or changing temperatures at appropriate times.

Motion Alerts
There now are motion sensors on the market that can help a senior who lives alone by detecting numerous activities that suggest things are OK or sending alerts to trusted people if something seems amiss. For example, there are monitors that note whether someone has gotten out of bed and is moving around during normal daylight hours. Other devices can tell if someone enters a room and there is sudden motion but no subsequent movement, which would indicate a fall.

There are even devices that can detect when the medicine cabinet is opened, which would mean you have gotten necessary medications to maintain good health. You can choose people to whom the alerts will be sent, and if anything goes wrong, or just appears to be wrong, then loved ones can check in.

With modern technology at your fingertips, there is no reason for most reasonably healthy senior citizens to leave their beloved homes for institutional settings. Instead, you can live a long time in your favorite surroundings and still enjoy safety and security through the wonders of smart home systems.


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